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Mainscreen  Mainscreen > Grand Prix Canada 2004

Grand Prix Canada 2004

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View from Jaque Cartier bridge
Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

A view from a tribune.

Michael Schumacher is leading..
Find up the bolid's tyre flying to a tribune (on the top).
Felipe Massa's Sauber-Petronas crash

Sauber-Petronas bolid removing..

Felipe Massa is escorted from the accident place..

Sauber bolid removing..
It's good for scrap-iron!
Felipe Massa's Sauber-Petronas bolid removing..

Security have surrounded the Sauber tyre..
Guess why?
But someone got access to a tyre..
Too many security guyes..
The after race qualification..
From front to rear:
Ferrari M.Schumacher,
McLaren Coulthard,
Ferrari Barrichello,
Williams-BMW R.Schumacher
Bolids befor qualification test

Ferrari of Michael Schumacher

Williams-BMW of Juan Pablo Montoya

McLaren-Mercedes of David Coulthard

McLaren-Mercedes of Kimi Rikknen

The Jordan-Ford's service box

Takuma Sato's BAR-Honda..

Rubens Barrichello gives interview

Montoya funs
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